Code and Waffles

On the 3rd of February AberCompSoc undertook its first international trip to the Free and Open Source Developers European Meeting(FOSDEM). After a long journey to Manchester Airport we set out on the first flight to Brussels.

The first day was spent taking in the city including the various palaces and museums, familiarising ourselves with the city, and eating entirely too many waffles! That evening some members attended the FOSDEM Beer Event at Brussels’ famous Delirium Campus. Waffles!

The following morning everyone was up early to travel down to the conference and the next two days were a blur of presentations, networking and, swag collecting. Talks covered a variety of topics from every facet of the open source community. At the close of the conference many of our members stayed behind to assist with the teardown of the event and were rewarded with t-shirts, food, and lots of CAT5 cable! The Cleanup Crew

The trip home was a little rocky with the group returning later being delayed by train cancellations but still managing to make it back to Aber okay (if a little worn out!)

FOSDEM is a yearly event and AberCompSoc is looking forward to making this trip a staple of our calendar year.

We would also like to thank the Computer Science Department at Aberystwyth University and the BCS for their support in making this trip a reality.

Greetings from Brussels

Written by AberCompSoc on 23 February 2017